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User Testimonies

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I’ve had the opportunity to use the Focus Golf Targets at my range for several months and the experience has been an eye opener!
The colored targets provide great feedback for distance control training, particularly with those wedge and short iron shots that are critical to your scorecard.  I found that when I am out on the course and face a short shot opportunity my mind turns back to 
the particular Focus Golf Target that I used on the range for that approximate distance. Same thing for the larger targets I used to practice the longer shots.  For me, the Focus Golf Target system translates seamlessly from the range to the course.  

In addition, the competition with your range buddies to be the first to hear your shot hit a target is an added bonus, and it truly does help you focus! 
Randy Bishop 
Veazie, Maine

For the last two seasons I've had the privilege of firing many golfballs at Focus Golf Targets at my local range. Though at first I rarely threatened these targets, they immediately drew my attention, and thousands of iron and wedge shots later, I regularly hear the satisfying splat of golfball on sturdy canvas. My son and I have competitions, shooting at one target and then a farther one.  I can confidently say that Focus Golf Targets have improved my accuracy, and they have kept my son and I repeatedly returning to the Pro Shop for "just one more" bucket of balls.  

Sam Manhart
Hampden, Maine


Before we received the Focus Golf Range Targets, our practice facility was very boring. With the addition of 4 targets, our membership has made comments that their wedge game has improved. Also, they have added much needed color to our facility. All facilities should invest in these targets.

Heath Henrich, PGA Director of Golf

Troon Santa Maria Golf Club, Panama City, Panama.

Outstanding product! We are super excited to be the first golf course in Canada to showcase the targets! Very well designed and well built product!

Mac Voisin 

White Squirrel Golf Club  Ontario Canada

This is by far the best target we've ordered. It's great looking, durable, and gets golfers to hit many more balls toward it. I'm hoping to order a second one soon.

Steve Heintz 

BFM Driving Range  North Reading Ma.

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