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Custom Golf Targets

Our R&D team has come up with graphics that match our commitment to building the most durable golf target on the market.

Custom Graphics can be applied to promote your school,club,range or local business.


Golf ange Targets.jpg

Our most Durable Graphic.
"Cut Graphics"

This is the gold standard in Graphic application. We use a combination of heat and vacuum to bond these graphics to the targets. The graphics must be a single color and will be white on the colored panels as seen in these photos.

Custom Golf Targets
Golf Tagets.jpg
Golf Range Target with logo 3.jpg

Our most Versatile Graphics
"Printed Graphics"

This style allows us to offer multi-colored Graphics that are applied using the same technology as the "Cut Graphics" but utilize a printed transfer onto the white panels. We do use U.V. inks but these will fade over time. Life expectancy is 2-3 years before noticing fading and are best suited for indoor or limited sunlight applications

Contact us with any questions or to get a quote: Email

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